Talk on the Phone, Toll-Free, with TalkLive ! 

Finally! A 100% privacy-protected, no-hassles, toll-free telephone conferencing system for iFriends members and Video Chathosts! What could possibly be better than a live webcam Videochat session with your favorite chathost? Answer: A live webcam Videochat session while you both speak on the telephone, toll-free!

  • It's private: No more caller ID worries -- it's "double-blind". (That means that neither side of the telephone call has any information about the identity or caller ID of the other side -- only "iFriends" appears on caller ID). Since you both dial into a free third-party system, it's untraceable!
  • It's free: No more phone bills. It's a toll-free number! (iFriends pays for the cost of the call for both customer and chathost)
  • It's good: If you've experienced frustration with web audio or web telephone, try TalkLive. It's just a regular (and toll-free) phone call, using a regular phone!
  • It enhances the experience: Once you've enhanced your iFriends videochat experience with TalkLive,

It's iFriends' new TalkLive 1-on-1 telephone service!

It's for those special occasions during live webcam videochat when keyboard chat or web audio just won't do -- when the occasion calls for an intimate, live, 1-on-1 telephone conversation to make for the most satisfying iFriends videochat experience possible.

Reachable from anywhere in the world, this convenient toll-free service is an exciting new part of the iFriends platform. It's available to any iFriends member who visits a participating iFriends chathost. (To see if your host offers TalkLive, look for the icon). TalkLive is also a part of iFriends' exciting new "FanClubs" platform. If you belong to your favorite Chathost Star's FanClub, the toll-free FanClub TalkLive system offers a whole host of additional benefits beyond mere live 1-on-1 telephone chat, such as voice mail, morning wake-up calls (from your favorite Star!), and more.

Instructions: During live videochat, simply ask your iFriends video chathost if he or she supports TalkLive. If yes, just click the "Talk Live" text link underneath the videochat window for dialing instructions. (Note: If you only have one telephone line into your home, and you're using that line for your internet connection, don't try TalkLive -- it could disconnect your internet session!).

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