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Is there any way that the chathost can see me while I watch the chathost?

    Although you do not need a webcam to spend time with an iFriends Video Chathost or to enter any iFriends video chatroom, the answer is YES -- there is a way for the chathost to see you while you are in that host's chatroom. Here's how it works:

    • You must already be present in the chathost's FREE live video chat room.
    • You must have a FREE MEMBERSHIP.
    • You must check with the ChatHost and find out if they are interested, and, if they are, whether they've set up their session to use the new Flash-based Cam2Cam or the "old-style" iFCam-based option.
      • Most will be using Flash, which is great news for you, because odds are you already have the Macromedia Flash plug-in you'll need installed.
      • If the ChatHost tells you you'll need to use the older iFCam-based option, you'll need to download, install, and run the iFriends ifCam Software. (Yes, this is the same software that chathosts use!). If everything is working right, you should be able to see your own webcam image in the ifCam application, at the same time that you are conversing with the chathost. (If you cannot see your own image in your ifCam window, please check your webcam documentation or contact your webcam hardware/software vendor.) With the iFCam option, for the chathost to be able to see your live webcam, you must not be behind a firewall or proxy server (if issues, check with your ISP). To see you, the chathost must click their "Other Options" link under their webcam window, and needs to know both your screenname and your "port number" ... the default is 8080. (We recommend not to change that setting unless advised to by your ISP).

    Once the above conditions are met, that chathost may, if he or she desires, see your webcam image while you interact live in the fee-based video chatroom. The chathost is under no obligation to watch you, however, so remember to say "Please"!

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