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On which browser does iFriends work best?

    iFriends works with all browsers, and functions equally well with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and America Online. Although not required, for the best experience, we recommend that your browser support java and javascript.

Do I need any plugins?

    Watching iFriends does not require any plug-ins! No annoying downloads!

I'm using Microsoft Internet Explorer or AOL's Browser. Can I view the video chatrooms?

    If you're using MSIE as your browser (even if AOL is the underlying online service), you'll automatically receive a Java-enabled display that provides for high-quality streaming video. If you have java turned off, or you are using an old version of MSIE, the java display may not work so well. In that case, try clicking on the "MSIE/AOL" button; you'll get a basic video window that refreshes every 30 seconds. If you are using a very old version of AOL's built-in browser, your display may update every 60 seconds, because AOL's older built-in browsers offer the least support for video streaming and java. (If that's the case, upgrade to MSIE or Netscape; they're both free downloads, and each will run over your AOL connection).

    To avoid complications, make sure that you are using the latest version of your AOL browser, or even better, run Microsoft Internet Explorer. And for you AOL users, this can be run right over your AOL connection. Just buzz your friendly AOL tech support department, who can walk you through step-by-step setting up your computer to run this way.

When using Internet Explorer 5 for the Macintosh, I sometimes get a message that says MRJ 2.# is required. Why?

    You are trying to access a portion of iFriends that requires Java, but you have not yet installed the latest Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ). You can find out more about MRJ and how to download it at http://www.apple.com/java/.

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